Table of Contents (in English)

Degrowth and the Wisdom of Snail

Rethinking  Poverty and Wealth

Author: Yoshihiro Nakano

Publisher: The Commons Publishing Inc, Tokyo, 2017

Prologue: For Caring the World

Ch. 1: Degrowth and the Wisdom of Snail

Intermezzo 1: Solidarity Economy Today

Ch. 2: Rethinking Poverty: On Majid Rahnema’s Philosophy

Intermezzo 2: Reinventing a New Science of Caring the World

Ch. 3: Steps to a Localism of the Mind: Encountering Serge Latouche’s Thought

Intermezzo 3: Listening to the Rhythm of Life: On the Musicology of Daniel Barenboim

Ch. 4: Reconstructing Japan for Future Generations: Reflections on the Fukushima nuclear accident

Intermezzo 4: Transforming Wealth

Epilogue: And Becoming Swimmy: Constructing a common world of commons

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