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Reinventing the Commons in the 21st Century:

Alter-economy, Alter-democracy

Edited by Yoshihiro Nakano, Jean-Louis Laville, José Luis Coraggio,

Translated from Spanish, French and English by Yoshihiro Nakano

The Commons Publishing Inc.,Tokyo, 2016.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Reinventing the Commons and Emancipation in the 21st Century: Towards a North-South Dialogue……Yoshihiro Nakano


Part 1: Buen Vivir and Relational Thinking: Social and Political Changes in Latin America

Ch.1: From Critique of Developmentalism to Reflection on Alternative Economy: Pluriverse and Relational Thinking (Original Title: De la crítica al desarrollismo al pensamiento sobre otra economía: pluriverso y pensamiento relacional )……Arturo Escobar

Translator’s Introduction to Laclau’s Theory……Yoshihiro Nakano

Ch.2: Logic of Political Construction and Popular Identities (Original Title: Logica de la construcción politica e identidades populares)……Ernesto Laclau

Ch.3: Reconstruction of the State in Latin America (Original Title: La refundación del Estado en América Latina)……Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Ch.4: Buen Vivir as Alternative to Development: Reflections from the Periphery of Periphery (Original Title: El Buen Vivir como alternativa al desarrollo: reflexiones desde la periferia de la periferia)……Alberto Acosta


Part 2: Beyond the Impasse of Social Democracy: Challenges of Europe and North America

Ch. 5 : The European Left and Emancipatory Project (Original Title : Gauche européenne et projet émancipateur)……Jean-Louis Laville

Ch.6 : Threat of Ecological Chaos and Projects of Emancipation (Original Title : Menace de chaos écologique et projets d’émancipation)……Geneviève Azam

Ch.7 : Indispensable Rupture with Productivism (Original Title : L’indispensable rupture avec le productivisme).Florence Jany-Catrice

Ch.8: Can society be commodities all the way down? Post-Polanyian Reflections on Capitalist Crisis……Nancy Fraser


Part 3: Reconstructing Community: Challenges of Japanese Society

Ch.9: Exploring a Post-growth Welfare State: Post-capitalism and Community Economy……Yoshinori Hiroi

Ch.10: From Sociology to Social History of Community……Naoki Yoshihara

Ch.11: Remaking Democratic Politics in the Time of Post-democracy……Shin Chiba

Ch.12: Revisiting Yoshirou Tamanoi’s Regionalism as an Epistemology of the South: In Search of the Dialogue between the Commons and Sensus Communis……Yoshihiro Nakano


Postscript……Yoshihiro Nakano

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