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The CommunitySoundscape Murozumi is a new project of redesigning our perception of community through music. From now on, this web office presents my original tunes which I compose with the environmental sounds of my hometown Murozumi, a small village located in a peninsula facing South Setonaikai Sea.

The environmental sounds are collected through a participatory ethnographical method: they are selected and recorded not just by my personal preference but also by listening to local people’s requests. The making of music becomes a social experiment to discover memory-places of community associated with the environmental sounds.

Likewise, this project seeks to re-present and re-design socio-environmental life space of Murozumi through re-connecting the world of things and the world of human beings. The environmental sounds, artificially reproduced and incorporated into musical sounds, become a mediator that brings to light an aesthetic dimension of community life.

All the tunes on this site are composed by Yoshihiro Nakano. Each tune is edited and shortened to approximately two minutes, which in live performance or exhibition should appear in full length.

Yoshihiro Nakano, March 15,  2019





中野佳裕 2019年3月15日

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CommunitySoundscape Murozumi Op 01

CommunitySoundscape Murozumi Op 02

CommunitySoundscape Murozumi Op 03 Type A

CommunitySoundscape Murozumi Op 03 Type B

CommunitySoundscape Murozumi Op 04


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